Haynes Brothers Gear up for SBS Classic 75

What a year at Oswego Speedway! Brad Haynes pulls down a top 5 finish and 2 top ten finishes in the Ron Pratt owned 88. Who would have thought the car that won the SBS Classic in 2015 had that much left in it? But it did and still does. Earlier in the season Brad ran the fastest lap for a Haynes in an SBS by running a 19.0 lap at Oswego, by far beating his brother Bryan for the fastest Haynes in SBS. What really tops it is that the car still has the “stock” front suspension. Two weeks later Brad would show up with a fully fabricated coil over front suspension only to have it wrecked on the first lap.

On Mr. SBS night both Bryan and Brad would find trouble on the first lap when cars started wrecking in front of them. Starting nose to tale the Haynes Brothers tried to avoid but would both end up with damage. Bryan was out of the race but Brad with frame and body damage would continue before falling out before the end.

The 86 has endured Front brake issues each time out and the team has decided that an complete overhaul of the brake system would be necessary to get Bryan back to his competitive form. The team will bring the 86 back out August 19th to tune up for Classic in hope of finding lightning in a bottle one last time.

The team is looking for sponsorship to help with tires and fuel for Classic. You can donate using the button on our page or contact Bryan or Brad Directly (315-420-5079,


2015 SBS Classic Champion Returns

11202816_10207309019034674_7704533497859649349_nAfter what seemed like an improbable win in the 2015 SBS Classic 75 where the Haynes Racing Team shocked the crowd by pulling off one of the biggest upsets in SBS Classic 75, Bryan L Haynes II and the Haynes Racing team will return to action at Oswego Speedway before the end of the regular season. This year the Haynes brothers will debut a brand new car in with the hope of capturing lightning in a bottle once again.

The new car is a combined effort and a brain child of Brad Haynes. The car itself has been in the Haynes Racing stable for many years now but will be unrecognizable to the untrained eye. The cage is one of the oldest in the class and old NICHOLS cage, The right rear is a Hedger Chassis copy fabricated by Master Fabricator Dalton Doyle, the left rear is a design by Brad, the front clip is a 2016 FFB, fabricated by Dan Dennie and Rob Pullen, and the body built by Dave Cliff Sr. This car brings together all the best elements from all the cars the Haynes Racing Team has run through the years.

“It is really an exciting car because nobody has ever done this, it is really great to have so many of my peers and their teams involved in building and designing this car” says Bryan.

The Haynes Racing Team has also upgraded its engine program by commissioning Russ Marsden to build an entirely new power plant for the new car. After giving Russ his first Classic win as an engine builder last year it was a no brainer that the team would turn to him to power the new #86 SBS.

Look for the new car to hit the track before the last race of the regular season as the team gets dialed in to defend its Classic Title.

As in years past the team is looking for sponsors heading into Classic Weekend. “Last year we were incredibly successful soliciting sponsors of a tire(s) or fuel, we were able to have multiple individuals and businesses step up and cover our tires and fuel, we hope to do that again” said Bryan.

People looking to sponsor can use the “Donate” button on the Haynes Racing website or contact Bryan or Brad. The team is also selling t-shirts and hats with the proceeds going directly to tires and fuel. The Haynes Racing Team thanks all the fans for their support.

See you at the track!

Photo Credit: Debbie White



Haynes Racing Looking for Classic Sponsors

Bryan and Brad are gearing up to run the SBS Classic at Oswego Speedway again in 2015. Last year saw the team take the entire summer off and bring a solid car that ran in the top 10 for a majority of the 2014 installment of the SBS Classic. Brad once again showed his talents as being one of the top Crew Chiefs in the business by doing more with less than almost anyone in the SBS pits. Giving Bryan the best handling car in his career that continued to get faster as the race wore on.

We are hoping to raise money for tires and fuel for this classic weekend. We estimate between practice and the races we will need two sets of tires and approximately 30 gallons of race fuel. Every little bit counts as we work towards having another solid run in the SBS classic. Please contact Bryan or Brad Haynes if you are interested in supporting our Classic Weekend campaign.

Thank you for your continued support.


Donate Here



Haynes Racing Enters 2014 SBS Classic

After talking with Oswego Speedway we proposed a draft Social Media policy that is currently being reviewed by Oswego Speedway management and competitors. We are very confident that there will be rich discussion that results in a policy that all can live with. That being said Haynes Racing will compete in the SBS Classic on Labor Day weekend.

It has been a busy off season for the Haynes brothers Brad and Bryan. Brad recently bought his family their first home and spent this summer getting it fixed up and ready to be moved into. From what I hear the Mrs is very happy and has given us the green light to go race. I say us because we all know that the car is in NY and I am usually no where to near the car (Maryland or further away). This means Brad does a majority of the work and if his Mrs isn’t happy then the car doesn’t get worked on.

I (Bryan) have been in Biloxi, MS at Keesler AFB all summer doing military training. I won’t bore you with the details but it has been a fun summer. However, I am eager to get back behind the wheel of the #86 Silver Bullet.

Brad has been working on the car all summer and we recently ordered some new equipment to update some of the older on board components that saw some wear last season. The first race of the season Dalton Doyle needed a ride because his new car was not finished so it forced us to pull the car out sooner. Thanks Dalton…hopefully you regret helping us get a head start.

We will be practicing the week of classic and from what my brother tells me we will have another driver sharing seat time with me in the #86 when we practice. Hint…from what I can gather he is pretty well known at Oswego Speedway. This is to help me get up to speed quicker and evaluate what the car is doing.

On a final note we are happy to see our former teammate Cameron Rowe coming back to the Speedway. He is a class act and we are on the long list of many that appreciate the friendship Cameron has given us over the years. You got to admire a man that knows himself and burns with as much passion as Cameron. Can’t wait to see you Bud!

See y’all at Classic Weekend!


Haynes Racing Pulls Out of SBS Classic 75

Below is a letter send to Oswego Speedway Management.

17 July 2014

Dear Oswego Speedway Management,

Haynes Racing has decided to suspend its plan to race in the Small Block Supermodified (SBS) Classic at Oswego Speedway on Labor Day weekend. It is with sincere regret that we had to make this decision. However we feel that it would not be prudent for our team to spend a considerable amount of money to race where the appearance of nepotism is at an all-time high. Specifically our team takes exception with Page 53 of the Official Oswego Speedway Rulebook dealing with the “Use of Social Media and Respect of Officials”.

While we recognize that there needs to be a policy regarding social media we are extremely disappointed that in the year since a “shell policy” was introduced that clearly states “At this time we (Oswego Speedway) do not have a written policy” nothing has been done to define this. It is akin to writing a contract, asking for two parties to sign it, and the details will be filled in as things happen. Yet still attempting to hold parties accountable.

Most every business has developed an Acceptable Use Policy for Social Media to address these concerns. The acceptable use policy must clearly define specific do’s and don’ts as it pertains to the successful operation of that organization. It is then signed by both the organization and the end-user. Failing to provide metrics by which acceptable use is measured immediately puts the organization in jeopardy of violating freedom of speech should they choose to exercise judgment against an individual.

However there is another part to this in which all drivers have an “at will” contract with Oswego Speedway. We are in essence contract employees where the contract can be terminated at any point without cause by either party. This means if we as drivers and teams don’t want to show up for work (race) we don’t have to. Also if the employer (Oswego Speedway) wishes for us to stay home they can exercise that option.

This type of arrangement can be beneficial to both parties but can also be a detriment if the wrong precedent is being set. Unfortunately at this time we feel the precedent being set is alienating many supporters of the SBS division at Oswego Speedway. So how do WE (Management, Officials, Teams, and Drivers) solve this unfortunate problem?

First there should be a suspension placed on the contents of page 53 in the rulebook. Second all parties will work together to develop an Acceptable Use Policy for Social Media complete with metrics to measure use and corresponding punishments for actions. Third all current perceived offenders under page 53 will be given an opportunity to meet with the competition committee to work through specific reasons for punishment. Punishment may or not be lifted. The intent here is for each offender to have an opportunity to defend themselves.

If the above three conditions can be met to some reasonable degree Haynes Racing will be glad to submit our registration for the SBS Classic on Labor Day weekend. Our intent is to see all parties work together to provide a superior racing product that is the envy of short tracks across this country. As a race team we would be happy to take a lead role in helping to find a solution as we do not believe in exposing a flaw without proposing a solution.

This letter will be posted on our website so that other members of the community may get involved if they so choose. We fully understand the risk involved with this; however, our team is not currently registered to race at Oswego Speedway therefor we are not subject to the current rulebook. We also understand that the Speedway Management can prevent us from racing at Oswego Speedway in the future. Hopefully that will not be the case.


Haynes Racing

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